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              Welcome to Pylon Technologies, Co. Ltd,

              LR12110  All-Purpose Lithium Ion battery

              Type: LR12110
              Norminal Capacity: 1408Wh Charge Voltage: 14.6V
              Nominal Voltege: 12.8V Discharge Cut Voltage: 10v
              Rated Capacity: 110A Charge/Discharge Current: 110A
              Size: 300*160*225 Cycle Life: more than 3000
              Working Temperature: -15 ℃~50


              Marine power storage and starting
              RV/Camper energy storage for lights/AC/Refrigerator
              EV (Golf cart, mobile scooters)

              Online Inquiry >>

              NEWHot selling Multi-Function Jump Starter with 12000 mAh

              Power bank Type: P136
              Norminal Capacity: 12000mAh;13600mAh Life Cycle: More than 1000 times
              Weight: 405g; 450g Charging Power: 15V/1A or 5V/2A
              Start Current: 200A Peak Current: 400A
              Size: 162*85*30 Shelf Time: 6 month as switch off
              Working Temperature: -20 ℃~60

              1. For gasoline vehicle under 4L and diesel vehicle under 2.0T, our product can be used for more than 30 times as starter. Up to 400Apk ensure the vehicle start.
              2. 12,000 mAh battery capacity
              3. Motorcycle; Motorboat; Vehicle; Snowmobiling Online Inquiry >>

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