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              Welcome to Pylon Technologies, Co. Ltd,

              BP4850 for telecome application

              Battery Type:? BP4850    
              Norminal Voltage: 48V Nominal Capacity: 50A
              Charge Voltage: DC56-57.6V Discharge Voltage: DC43.2-57.6 V
              Maximum Discharge Current: ????? 50A Maximum Charge Current: 50
              Safty Certification:? TüV / CE / UN38.3 / TLC Communication: RS232,RS485
              Cycle life:? More than 2000 times?    

              The BP series lithium ion battery from Pylontech is new environmentally friendly backup power system focus on energy storage and power backup fields. The environmentally friendly lithium ion battery configured with high-performance BMS, has a wide ran...

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