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              Welcome to Pylon Technologies, Co. Ltd,

              108.9kWh High Voltagy System installed in Czech Republic

              Date: 11. 2017
              Location: Czech Republic
              Purpose: Peak Shaving
              Config.: 1*Powercube M1, 108.9kWh
              Energy Source: PV

              49.8 kWh High Voltage System installed in China

              Date: 10. 2016
              Location: Shanghai, China
              Purpose: EV charge platform
              Config.: 14*H48074, 49.8kWh
              Energy Source: PV

              28.8kWh Energy System installed in Czech Republic

              Date: 06. 2017
              Location: Czech Republic
              Purpose: Grid response
              Config.: 12*H48050, 28.8kWh
              Energy Source: PV, Grid

              Photovoltaic ESS Charging Pile - 150KW/150KWh

              2016 Photovoltaic ESS Charging Pile integrated site - 150KW/150KWh

              Project Site: Shanghai, China

              Objective: Solution of off grid, PV and charging pile for EV car
              Characteristic: mixture application of LFP battery system and Three Element battery system.

              2017 Micro-grid ESS in industry park - 500kW/500kWh

              2017 Micro-grid ESS in industry park - 500kW/500kWh

              A grid connected energy storage system in a industry park in China

              Objective: peak load shifting, the load smoothing, and the emergency power supply in the factory yard.
              Characteristic: grid connected, high power rate charge/discharge

              2017 Island Off Grid ESS - 120kW/624kWh

              2017 Island Off Grid ESS - 120kW/624kWh
              An island of Southeast Asia
              Off-grid (micro-grid)
              Objective: Island micro-grid ESS
              Characteristic: micro-grid system include hybrid energy system (PV and diesel genset)

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