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              Welcome to Pylon Technologies, Co. Ltd,


              Pylontech lounched New Force series products in ESS Europe/Intersolar Munich 2018

              Pylontech lounched New Force series products in ESS Europe/Intersolar Munich 2018

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              Updated 2018 Pylontech Exhibition news  

              Exhibition information at PYLONTECH 2018

              1. Intersolar Europe 2018 B1.130
              2. SNEC 2018 E5-556
              3. Solar Power International 2018 3820
              4. ALL Energy 2018 Hall 4. 2828

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              Pylontech awarded first TUV Rheinland-VDE safety accreditation for German market

              The certificates were awarded on 15 December. Image: Pylon Tech.

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              Thumbs up for Pylontech

              Report from Australian Solar Council

              Pylon Technologies in China is a pioneer in lithium iron phosphate batteries deployed in energy storage systems and electric vehicles. The company recently hosted a visit for Solar Council staff who were impressed by operations and the accessibility t...

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              Happy Chinese Spring Festival-Holiday Information

              We will start our Chinese Spring Festival Holiday from 24/1/2017-4/02/2017

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              Marry Christmas and Happy New year!

              Wishing you all the blessings of a beautiful Christmas season.

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              Pylontech Battery is compatible with Victron Inverter successfully

              For Victron information concerning Victron product compatibility, communication cable wiring, VEConfigure settings, Hub-4 Assistant and Color Control GX Configuration and more see:

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              Introduction of Phantom-S

              At the same time when mainstream media are focusing on the Power Wall of Tesla, Pylon Tech has reach consensus with most PV components and inverter provider. At the same time when Tesla promotional efforts for the future products aggressively, the HESS products from Pylon Tech has already been used commercially for 2 years, entered into more than 5000 families.
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              Self-developed system enables highest compatibility

              Pylon Technologies Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called Pylon Tech) recently finish the integration test with 13 world-widely applied inverter producer which include SOLAX, HYCUBE, REDBACK, SMARTEVER, GOODWE and so on. It also let Pylon Tech becomes the first Lithium ESS manufacturer who complete the universality connection.

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              New Logo, new willing 

              Green and blue is the main tone of the new Pylontech log. Green and blue represent life and energy, which perfectly match the Pylontech consistent concept of providing the clean and environment friendly energy application globally.

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              Pylontech is shining in Intersalar 2016 

              On 22nd June, 2016, One of the most famous energy exhibition INTERSOLAR was grand opening in Munich, Germany. A Chinese energy storage solution proveder, Pylon technology, as one of the noticeable new industrial leader, Pylontech booth attracted many customer from world wild. Besides the great attention of the new products and solutions, people were also attracted by t...

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