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              Welcome to Pylon Technologies, Co. Ltd,

              ABOUT US

              As the leading vertically integrated manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate battery systems,Pylontech has provided various battery solutions for nearly all kinds of ESS applications. Thanks to our self-developed core technology in cells/BMS/system design, Pylontech has delivered more than 1.5GWH batteries serving 200,000+ users.

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              LATEST NEWS

              The Solar show Africa 2019

              The Solar Show Africa 2019
              Africa's leading solar exhibition
              Date: 3/26/2019 - 3/27/2019<...

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              The Energy Storage Europe 2019...

              Expo Name:The Energy Storage Europe
              Date: 12-14 March 2019
              Address: Düsseldorf, Germany Read More +


              Pylontech awarded first TUV Rhe...

              The certificates were awarded on 15 December. Image: Pylon Tech.

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              ONLINE INQUIRYPylontech’s products and solutions had been widely deployed in the starting

              OUR PARTNERSelf developed system enables highest compatibility

              CONTACT US

              No. 73, Lane 887, Zu Chongzhi Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Pudong, Shanghai 201203, P.R. China
              E-Mail: [email protected]

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